Gakuen Korokara is an institute built for children of the worlds of Neverae, the world of demons, and Amaranthea, the world of the creatures people had thought did not exist, like elves and wizards. The children were taken away to Earth to escape the wars of Neverae. Amaranthea worked to liberate Neverae from war, sending its own forces there. The school soon also accepted humans and they kept the children safe for centuries.

Years later, the children had their own children. Their lives were fine in the world of humans. But one day, some of the children started disappearing. When a new students Zachary Smith and Haruhi Seriyu enroll into the school, the kidnappers reveal themselves. The New Moon, an organization from Neverae that started the wars, was kidnapping children with powerful skills to create a super army to take over the two worlds. And they have found their prizes, a chameleon demon and shadow demon, the two who could be the ultimate spies.